You are Welcome to Visit Us

Our Purpose St. Andrew’s Edneyville is a Church with one great purpose: “Go and Make Disciples” (Matthew 28:19). We believe God intends St. Andrew’s to be a church where many lives are transformed for Jesus Christ.

Sunday Service Times

10:00 Bible Study

We study the Old and New Testament Scriptures assigned for that Sunday.  Come and participate in informal and enriching discussions as we study the living word. No prior Bible study experience required!

11:00 Worship

Eucharist is our communion service.  Dress is casual.  The first half centers on the Word of God through Bible readings and preaching, while the second half centers on receiving the blessed bread and wine, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Light snack fellowship is available after the worship service.

How do I become a member of St. Andrew’s?
We rejoice that you are exploring opportunities for Christian growth with us. Making a beginning at St. Andrew’s does not necessarily involve a membership commitment. We want St. Andrew’s to be a safe place for people to explore what is truly involved in a Christian commitment before making one. However, if that commitment is something you are ready to register, then you may be guided by the following information:

Baptized Membership
Adults not already baptized may join our church by making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, followed by Baptism. “One Lord, one faith, one Baptism.” (Ephesians 4:4). St. Andrew’s Church does not “rebaptize.” If you have already been baptized with water in the name of the Trinity, you may join by having a record of baptism sent from your former Christian church, regardless of denomination.

Confirmed Membership
Confirmation is actually the completion of the original baptismal rite as practiced by the early Church. The earliest Christians formalized their complete entry into the fellowship, mission, and ministry of the Church by being baptized with water, then being sealed as Christ’s own with the mark of the Cross made with oil upon their foreheads, and, finally, coming under the hands of an Apostle, or later a Bishop in the line of Apostolic succession, who prayed for them to receive the power of the Holy Spirit for the ministry of their life in the world. To become a confirmed member (prior to the visitation of our Bishop) one attends the series of Adult Discipleship classes that precedes his arrival.

Questions If you have any questions about our services, events and ministries, or membership, please call Pastor Gerald Lyda at 828-606-0764 or Deacon Ed Dyckman at 843-367-5647.