At St. Andrews, our ministries hit home. The ministries listed below reflect the heavy hearts of our members and their desire to serve and love their neighbors as Christ loved us. If you want to start a ministry at St. Andrews, we would love to hear from you!

Student Ministry.

Our Student Ministry is for all students (Grades K-12). Our Student Leaders serve with a passion to disciple your students and help them to grow their relationship with Christ deeper. Discipleship opportunities range from fellowship events, weekly education, and so much more. We have made it our mission to make Student Ministry fun, while staying educational and rooted in traditional faith and worship. With our Student Ministry, comes Student Vestry- a place for students to voice their ideas in the church and to have help implementing them.

Student Ministry meets every Saturday, from 6pm-7pm. For a full calendar of events and to learn more, click here!

Prayer Ministry.

St. Andrews offers our "Prayer Room", always open to the public. This is our newest ministry and one we have grown very fond of. We invite you to join St. Andrews any day of the week by finding yourself at home in this space. On Sundays, our members and visitors are welcome to use this space before, during, and after church service. Leave a prayer on the board, so we can pray with you! Or- if you'd like someone to pray with you in person, we have prayer warriors who would love the opportunity to join you in conversation with Christ. Just ask!

To find our Prayer Room, park in front of the church building, make your way up the ramp on the left side of the building, head inside and the prayer room is the first room on the right!